On Exhibition

Both Kenya (Robinson) and Qualeasha Wood appear in Black Femme: Sovereign of the WAP and the Virtual Realm at CANADA, curated by Christiana Ine-Kimbe Boyle.  The exhibition runs March 5 - April 10, and the two appear alongside Caitlin Cherry, Delphine Desane, Emily Manwaring, and Sydney Vernon for a tight hypothesis on agency and black femininity in post-internet America.

Qualeasha Wood
'fore the day you die, you gon' touch the sky, 2021
Cotton Jacquard weave, glass beads
71 x 54 inches

Kenya (Robinson)
Patriot Games, No. 003052021, 2018-2021
Single-channel video
Edition: 3 + 1 AP

David-Jeremiah, whose current exhibition with the gallery closes on March 20th, 2021 is gearing up for two more significant solo outings this spring.  Opening March 4, the artist will present a monolithic performative work at New York City's anonymous gallery in an exhibition called G'ordiavonte Fold, up in NYC through April 4, 2021. Opening March 20, the artist will debut the entire suite of his "acronym paintings," with Washington, DC's von ammon co in an exhibition called, I.A.H.Y.F.F.A.W.D. / N.F.D.B.J.W.B.D., open until April 25, 2021.

N.F.D.B.J.W.B.D. (Internalized)
wood panel, oil-based enamel, plastic clothes hanger and mixed media
47 x 46 inches
N.F.D.B.J.W.B.D. (Externalized)
wood panel, oil-based enamel, plastic clothes hanger and mixed media
47 x 46 inches

Institutional & Academic Outings

Kenya (Robinson) contributes a work from a delicate series of sculptures to a group exhibition at the National Arts Club, Everyday Magic: Artistic/Gnostic Impulses including Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Clarity Haynes, and more through April 27, 2021.

Arden Surdam will attend two notable artist residencies throughout the 2021 season in preparation for her feature in Anicka Yi's forthcoming volume on algae in/as art. First, she'll head to The Lighthouse Works residency on the secluded Fisher's Island, located off the coast of Connecticut. There, she will spend March and April continuing her research on algae in partnership with a local oyster farm.  Then, she'll spend August and September in Switzerland at a residency supported by the Foundation Kunstdepot Göschenen, located in the middle alpine country, where she'll study the plant's mountain varieties in relationship to climate change.

Arden Surdam
Solastalgia, 2021
Archival Inkjet Print
11 x 17 inches

Recent Press

Forthcoming - Kendra will join the esteemed gallerists and artists featured alongside HBO's new documentary film, Black Art: In the Absence of Light as part of a new resource initiative dedicated to Blackness in/and contemporary art. More information when the site launches.

February - For the Orlando Sentinel, Matt Palm reviews Kenya (Robinson)'s ongoing black stock imagery project called #Blixel, on which she is currently working in partnership with the Orlando Museum of Art.

January - Tim Schneider names David-Jeremiah's exhibition, PLAY as an artnet Editor's Choice pick its opening week.

December - Anna Mienekie sits down with Qualeasha Wood for one of the artist's first long-form interviews at Germany's gallerytalk.net.